Interview on jaxenter.de

I was interviewed by Hartmut Schlosser of jaxenter.de last week and this week the article was published (in German) on their website. You can find it here: https://jaxenter.de/javafx-java9-javascript-56083. The interview was embedded in the "JavaFX Sixpack" series that tries to evaluate the potential of JavaFX. Hartmut was kind enough to also include information on my two commercial JavaFX frameworks CalendarFX and FlexGanttFX.

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JavaFX Tip 25: Use FXSampler!

The Problem As a framework developer it is essential to have an easy way to individually test the appearance of and the interaction with each custom control. I really hate it when I first have to open five different screens before I finally get to my new control so that I can test it. Not only is it annoying but it also costs too much time. When doing UI work you constantly make changes to your controls and look at the impact of those changes. If a single change roundtrip (code, launch, test) takes 5 minutes then you can only squeeze 12 change [...]

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JavaFX Real-World Apps: SkedPal

A new entry in the "Real World Applications" series. This time it is SkedPal, an application for managing a busy person's life intelligently. I have been consulting the SkedPal team in matters related to JavaFX and also when they made the decision to start using the CalendarFX framework for their calendar requirements. Below you can see a couple of screenshots of this attractive application. If you want to try it out yourself then you can simply register on the SkedPal website and download the desktop client (they also have mobile clients). I have asked Saied ArBabian, the found of SkedPal to [...]

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FlexGanttFX 1.6 Released

Version 1.6 of FlexGanttFX has been released today. It contains the usual bug fixes and minor enhancements but also several new controls. It can be downloaded here. Gantt Chart Lite When doing some consulting at Emirates Airlines in Dubai the users and I came to the conclusion that the Gantt chart in their application doesn't really need a tree table view on its left-hand side. All it was used for was to show the name of the resource in each row. The users complained about the wasted space as every pixel on the screen matters for their work. So [...]

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FlexGanttFX 1.5 Released

The maintenance release 1.5 of FlexGanttFX has been released today. It contains several bug fixes and enhancements. The complete list can be found below. To download this version simply follow this link. Release Notes - FlexGanttFX - Version Release 1.5.0 Bug [FLEXFX-198] - Activity link is shown incorrectly when one of the activities is out of view [FLEXFX-236] - Rendering of a link between adjacent activities [FLEXFX-260] - Unable to load Gantt with the same dateline when it is already loaded. Like a refresh. [FLEXFX-267] - Correct Visible Time in FlexGantt [FLEXFX-271] - Marker lines stay visible when no [...]

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Never too old to learn!

Yesterday (March 16th) I celebrated my 47th birthday. I am now packing a solid 20 years of work experience and a masters degree in computer science. Still I managed to screw up bad. A potential customer of mine, who is currently evaluating FlexGanttFX for their application, contacted me and argued that the initial model creation takes too long. 22 seconds to be precise. I asked them to send me a standalone demo and when I ran it I could confirm that it takes a long time to create the model. After further investigation I realized that they were creating over 5 [...]

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FlexGanttFX 1.4.0 Released!

I am very happy to announce that I have released version 1.4.0 of FlexGanttFX for JavaFX. This release contains bug fixes and small improvements. I am glad to say that FlexGanttFX has proven itself in the field and is operational in various large enterprise applications. Some of its more prominent users are: Emirates Airlines European Broadcasting Union Airbus PSI PolandThe following are a couple of screenshots from these applications. PSI Logistics European Broadcasting Union Emirates Airlines MINT Software Systems

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JavaFX Real-World Apps: PSI Advanced Scheduling and Monitoring

I am happy to announce that there is a new entry for the "Real-World Apps" list. The company PSI has developed an application for "advanced scheduling and monitoring". The software will be used by the manufacturing industry. The screenshots look quite polished and attractive. PSI is one of the earliest adopters of FlexGanttFX, my JavaFX framework for visualizing schedules of any kind. https://youtu.be/hXdvTlca6rM?w=550 PSI - Operation Gantt PSI - Operation Detail PSI - Production Order PSI - Report PSI - Structural Gantt As usual I have done an interview with the developers. Michal [...]

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