JavaFX “Missing Features” Survey Results

I recently conducted a survey asking the community to tell me which features they are missing the most in JavaFX 8. The survey has been closed by now. It received over 100 submissions from various people, various companies, various industries. Overall the participants very quite satisfied with JavaFX so I would argue that the feedback was submitted by people who really care about the platform and would like to see it evolve over time. The following chart shows the exact distribution of the answers given by the participants when asked how satisfied they were with JavaFX. Categories / Issue [...]

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JavaFX Real-World Apps: European Broadcasting Union

I have the privilege to present several JavaFX Real-World Apps at JavaOne this year together with Alexander Casall, who works for Saxonia Systems in Dresden. In preparation of this talk we sent out a questionnaire to our customers and partners and asked them a few questions related to their project, their application, and their use of JavaFX. I thought it would be a good idea to publish their answers ahead of JavaOne to give attendees a chance to prepare themselves for the talk and also to maybe get some more feedback related to JavaFX projects out there, their size, [...]

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