FlexGanttFX / JavaFX 11+

FlexGanttFX 11.12.0

Requires Java / JavaFX 11. Greatly improved rendering performance. New pluggable architecture for drawing activity links. Fantastic support for running on the web via JPRO.

Aircraft Scheduling Demo (Windows MSI Installer)

An MSI installer for Windows containing an aircraft scheduling demo (Emirates POC). The demo uses Java / JavaFX 14 and FlexGanttFX 11.11.0.

Aircraft Scheduling Demo (Mac PKG Installer)

A package installer for Macintosh containing an aircraft scheduling demo (Emirates POC). The demo uses Java / JavaFX 14 and FlexGanttFX 11.11.0.

FlexGanttFX / JavaFX 8

FlexGanttFX 8.12.0

Requires Java / JavaFX 11. Greatly improved rendering performance. New pluggable architecture for drawing activity links.

FlexGantt / Swing / Java 8

FlexGantt 8.0.0

A built for Java versions 8 or higher.

Release Notes

Release: 11.12.0, May 14th, 2020


   ** Started using system cursors for editing operations in the graphics area. For example
      Cursor.E_RESIZE to change the end time of an activity. "Old" cursors are still there
      and can be enabled by calling RowCanvasBehaviour.useCustomCursors().
   ** Added ability to resize a row / change a row height interactively via the row headers.
      This gives the user the same ability for resizing as available in the row headers of
      the tree table.
   ** Consolidated license keys for Java 8 and Java 11+ version of FlexGanttFX. The versions
      11.12.x and 8.12.x will now be usable with the same key.
   ** Moved the timezone label from the dateline to the timeline, as it was not working
      anymore in combination with a dateline buffer > 0.
   ** Removed support for dateline scrolling events. These events could not be produced
      correctly anymore after introducing the dateline buffer concept. Added new "visible
      time interval" read-only property on Timeline, which can be used instead.
   ** Enhanced RadarView's performance. Also added auto-redraw upon activity changes.

---------------------------------------------------------------- Release: 11.11.0, May 2020 (Performance / StillCorona Release) ---------------------------------------------------------------- >>> THIS IS A MAJOR RELEASE: YOU HAVE TO PURCHASE A NEW LICENSE >>> IF YOU HAVEN'T SUBSCRIBED TO THE MAINTENANCE PLAN. ** CHANGES / NEW FEATURES ** Stopped using PNG icon files. Replaced with Material Design Icons from Ikonli. ** Added new method to show / hide links. Added new toolbar button to trigger it. ** Changed default font size used in timeline and dateline. ** Decreased default height of table header and timeline, now that we use smaller font. ** Added new "zoom mode" selector to toolbar ** Added new "show / hide scale / row header" button to toolbar ** New default value for "show hover interval" is "false" ** Added new RowHeader concept to replace things like the ScaleLayer. Renamed previous RowHeader class to RowHeaderColumn. ** BUGS ** Fixed bug where grid lines were drawn from previous time unit after zoom operation ** Fixed bug where calendar entries (e.g. weekend days) were still drawn even when currently displayed primary time unit does not want to display them. ** Fixed bug where too many listeners were added to the timeline when adding and removing Gantt chart instances to a multi Gantt chart container. ** Minimized number of canvas redraws for RowCanvas and LinksCanvas by listing to layout pulses from the scene and then drawing instead of immediately drawing all the time. Very similar to "requestLayout" calls, that do not immediately lay out controls but wait for a good point and time and batch multiple calls to one. ** Fixed text color used inside the context menu in the upper left corner of the tree table (used for showing / hiding columns, etc...). ** Added missing support for alpha channel / opacity to LinksCanvas / links drawing. ---------------------------------------------------------- Release: 11.10.0, March 2020 (Performance / Corona Release) ---------------------------------------------------------- ** Replaced LinksPane with LinksCanvas. Links are now drawn via CanvasAPI (much faster). ** Replaced ObservableList of ActivityLinks with an IntervalTree for faster lookup. ** ActivityLink can now carry an optional user object. ** Custom link renderers can be registered on GraphicsBase. ** Reworked layout code of DatelineScale to work properly with latest CSS changes in JavaFX. ** Introduced buffers for RowCanvas and DatelineScale to reduce repaints. ----------------------------------- Release: 11.9.1, October 24th, 2019 ----------------------------------- ** Bug fix: re-enabled drawing of activity links. ** Re-added missing API docs / javadocs. ----------------------------------- Release: 11.9.0, October 23rd, 2019 ----------------------------------- ** See Release 8.9.0 plus modularity plus JavaFX 11+ support. ** The demo folder and the applications inside of it were removed as building standalone and executable JAR files have become quite difficult to do with the new module system and the fact that JavaFX is now an external dependency. ---------------------------------- Release: 8.9.0, April 8th, 2019 ---------------------------------- ** Bug * [FLEXFX-342] - scale in ChartLayout not aligned * [FLEXFX-344] - RadarView: visibleStartTime/visibleEndTime outside earliestTimeUsed/latestTimeUsed * [FLEXFX-345] - Distorted cursors in MAC OS ** New Feature * [FLEXFX-348] - Add ability to add a frozen row in the time line ** Enhancements * [FLEXFX-319] - Redraw graphics when row calendars change. * [FLEXFX-343] - Visible Area in RadarView * [FLEXFX-349] - Use modena color constants for GraphicsBase * [FLEXFX-350] - Move property sheet support into "extras" module. * [FLEXFX-351] - The style class "zoneIdLabel" should be moved from gantt.css to graphics.css (and renamed). ** Other * Moved style class "zoneIdLabel" from gantt.css to graphics.css. Renamed it to "zone-id-label". * Move property sheet support into "extras" module. * Time labels in Eventline are not mouse transparent causing flickering * CalendarLayer does not define a default renderer for mutable calendar entries * Not using modena color constants for row background colors inside the tree table ---------------------------------- Release: 8.8.1, October 13th, 2017 ---------------------------------- ** New Feature * [FLEXFX-329] - Add filter for rows ** Bug * [FLEXFX-324] - There is no i18n for time unit and time zones * [FLEXFX-336] - Cursor / Calendars / Now Line widgets are not bindig with action state * [FLEXFX-337] - Transferring custom data via drag and drop from gantt chart. * [FLEXFX-338] - Memory leak in RowCanvasBehaviour * [FLEXFX-339] - NPE layouting gantt when width is 0 * [FLEXFX-340] - Links are not being rendered properly after sorting rows ------------------------------- Release: 8.8.0, June 19th, 2017 ------------------------------- ** Improvement * [FLEXFX-328] - Improve rendering performance. ** Bug * [FLEXFX-308] - Agenda layout scale does not show hours * [FLEXFX-318] - After changing the size of rows, links are pointing to nowhere * [FLEXFX-325] - Drag indicators stay after dropping outside graphics area * [FLEXFX-326] - Infinite loop rendering dateline in DST change (March 26th) * [FLEXFX-327] - Vertical scrollbar behaves strange when there is only one row visible * [FLEXFX-330] - Too many redraws when scrolling vertically. * [FLEXFX-332] - Timeline scrolls to the right when trying to zoom in with "frozen" time over the set zoom limit * [FLEXFX-333] - Shift + scroll wheel scrolls timeline to the left regardless of scroll direction * [FLEXFX-334] - Horizontal cursor is being drawn on vertical scroll bar. * [FLEXFX-335] - Radar widget / NPE on mousePressed and mouseDragged ---------------------------------- Release: 1.7.0, October 26th, 2016 ---------------------------------- - Added a manual PDF to the distribution. This is an export of the product's WIKI pages that can normally be found at: https://flexgantt.atlassian.net/wiki/display/FFXMAN/FlexGanttFX+Developer+Manual ** Bug * [FLEXFX-306] - Endless automatic horizontal scroll if dragging activities * [FLEXFX-311] - onActivityStartTimeChangeStartedProperty() always returns null * [FLEXFX-313] - TimelineModel HorizonStartTime / HorizonEndTime * [FLEXFX-314] - NPE when expanding or collapsing rows with empty model ** Task * [FLEXFX-315] - Change behaviour of property "smallestTemporalUnit" in TimelineModel class. ** Improvement * [FLEXFX-301] - Too many calls of the GanttChartSkin.updateListRows() method. ------------------------------- Release: 1.6.0, July 12th, 2016 ------------------------------- Highlights: - Introduced new control: GanttChartLite (graphics only, no treetable) - Introduced new containers: DualGanttChartLiteContainer MultiGanttChartLiteContainer QuadGanttChartContainer (displays 4 Gantt charts in sync) QuadGanttChartLiteContainer - Introduced base class for (old) GanttChart control and new GanttChartLiteControl: GanttChartBase - Moved "dual", "multi" containers into a new package called "container". - Renamed GanttChart.getPrimaryMasterDetailPane to GanttChart.getTreeTableMasterDetailPane - Renamed / Moved GanttChart.getSecondaryMasterDetailPane to GanttChartBase.getGraphicsMasterDetailPane(). - Added new filter for activities: GanttChartBase.setActivityFilter(Predicate). - Updated to controlsfx version 8.40.11 JIRA tickets: ** Bug * [FLEXFX-202] - GraphicsHeader taken only when creating Skin * [FLEXFX-268] - Unsynchronized tree table and list view models * [FLEXFX-277] - Activity "lost" if dragged to a timeline horizon boundary * [FLEXFX-289] - DragEvent stays accepted during whole event handling * [FLEXFX-292] - Marker lines have wrong height when graphics area resizes * [FLEXFX-294] - Dragged activity sometimes not drawn at cursor location * [FLEXFX-297] - Link rendering broken when target outside viewport * [FLEXFX-298] - Deleting activities with links does not work properly ** New Feature * [FLEXFX-291] - Activity Filter * [FLEXFX-295] - Add property to enable / disable the lasso functionality * [FLEXFX-296] - Containers for synchronizing multiple graphics (Dual/MultiGanttChartLiteContainer) ** Improvement * [FLEXFX-32] - Provide a way for a row to allow / prevent a drop of an activity * [FLEXFX-103] - Remove timeline completely from Gantt charts with a position other than FIRST or ONLY. * [FLEXFX-299] - Fire single event while setting activity selection