Our product catalog currently contains three frameworks: CalendarFX, FlexGanttFX, FlexGantt. A feature-complete distribution of each one of them can be downloaded from this website. After a successful evaluation the frameworks can be fully activated with a license key. These keys can be ordered directly by mail or via our online stores.


A JavaFX library for creating standard calendar interfaces. Views included are a day view, a week view, a month view, and a year view. Higher level controls, so-called “pages” also include support for search and navigation. The image below shows the framework in use by the demo calendar application, which is included in the product’s distribution. Read more.


A JavaFX library for visualising and editing schedules. These can be simply project plans (Gantt) but also very rich / details manufacturing and logistics plans. FlexGanttFX can be used to visualize resource allocations or task assignments. The screenshot below shows the framework in action as part of the NEOS scheduling application used by the European Broadcasting Union in Geneva. Read more.


The same type of library as FlexGanttFX but based on the previous Java UI toolkit called Swing. Below you can see the library being utilised by Collapp, an application for collaborative project planning. Read more.