FlexGanttFX is the most advanced JavaFX-based Gantt charting framework currently available for Java. It uses a very high abstraction level, which allows it to be applied in various and often very different domains such as ERP systems, production planning and scheduling applications, manufacturing execution systems or project portfolio management applications. FlexGanttFX and its predecessor frameworks FlexGantt (for Swing) and DJT have been used and tested by hundreds of professional planning and scheduling applications. The customer list contains companies such as Siemens, Boeing, NASA, JPL, Lockhead Martin, Raytheon, Kuehne + Nagel, SAIC, General Dynamics, ABAS, Bauer, etc…

Online Aircraft Scheduling Demo
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Different scheduling applications have different needs. They require different visualisations and different interactions. Whether your application needs to display one task per row or thousands of non-overlapping manufacturing activities on different lines within the same row, FlexGanttFX can render them all. And everything will look exactly as you want them to look like, due to FlexGanttFX’s pluggable renderer architecture and the JavaFX canvas API.



FlexGanttFX is a highly specialized custom control for visualizing activities on a timeline. The algorithms and data structures provided by FlexGanttFX are specialized for this task and guarantee very high performance and excellent response times. JavaFX support of a canvas API enables FlexGanttFX to bypass costly CSS operations. Smooth scrolling and navigation operations are still possible even when displaying 250,000 activities and more.



A lof of attention to detail has been given during the design of the API. FlexGanttFX follows the guidelines and principles of JavaFX 8. The Gantt chart control and its child controls all use skins to hide the implementation details. The controls only expose those methods that are required for customizing the control.