Once again we are organizing a three-day conference completely focused on JavaFX. This year we call it “JFX Days”. The conference website including venue information and last year’s presentations can be found at jfx-days.com. Each day will offer ample opportunity to talk, discuss, and enjoy fine food.

Day 1: we will have a workshop given by Anton Epple where attendees will take a deep dive into performance related aspects of JavaFX coding.

Day 2: sessions from dusk till dawn. You find the planned sessions below.

Day 3: a second workshop will focus on testing JavaFX applications. This workshop will be given by Sergey Grinev who used to work at Oracle inside the JavaFX team.


Planned Sessions


Keynote / Real World Applications / Show & Tell

Dirk Lemmermann, DLSC,

JavaFX applications are being used in many different domains by many small and large companies. However, most people never get to see these applications as they are being developed and used behind clo