JavaFX / OpenJFX 11 Interview Series

I was recently interviewed by jaxenter.com regarding JavaFX 11 / OpenJFX. The interview was done together with Johan Vos, Jonathan Giles, and Donald Smith. The interview was published in three parts. They can be found here: Part 1: JavaFX 11: First impressions, a look back and a leap forward Part 2: JavaFX 11: What’s changed, and what’s stayed the same Part 3: JavaFX 11 under the microscope: “There’s a lot more going on with JavaFX than anyone gives it credit for”

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JavaFX Days Zurich – Sessions

The holidays are over, time to get serious, time to fill the session catalogue for the JavaFX Days Zurich (Website). We managed to convince some of the best JavaFX experts to come to Switzerland and to show us the things they work on or work with. So without further ado here is a list of the currently scheduled sessions:   JavaFX State of the Union Wolfgang Weigend, Oracle Corp. The current state of JavaFX UI development will be explained from the perspective of Oracle, with an inventory of existing development resources and the continuation of JavaFX in a free [...]

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Interview on jaxenter.de

I was interviewed by Hartmut Schlosser of jaxenter.de last week and this week the article was published (in German) on their website. You can find it here: https://jaxenter.de/javafx-java9-javascript-56083. The interview was embedded in the "JavaFX Sixpack" series that tries to evaluate the potential of JavaFX. Hartmut was kind enough to also include information on my two commercial JavaFX frameworks CalendarFX and FlexGanttFX.

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JavaOne Rockstar Award

I had already been informed a few weeks ago that I won one of the JavaOne Rockstar awards but today the award finally arrived. After planting a tree, building a house, marrying, having kids, and now this award there are probably not many achievements anymore waiting for me to unlock them. No wait .... mission accepted: Java Champion! :-)

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JavaLand 2017

I will be attending and presenting at the JavaLand conference this year (Brühl, Germany, March 28th - 30th). Alexander Casall and I will be giving our "JavaFX Real World Applications" talk where we will showcase a bunch of JavaFX applications that are "out there".  

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JavaFX Talks @ JUG Poznan

This week I had the pleasure to give my JavaOne 2016 presentations at JUG Poznan in Poland. I compressed all three talks into a two hour talk and I think it worked out well and gave the attendance a good idea what can be accomplished with JavaFX technology. Sebastian Pozoga, a member of JUG Poznan, recorded the session and made it available on YouTube. So if you are interested in "JavaFX vs. Swing", "JavaFX Real World Applications" or "JavaFX Tips & Tricks" then check them out. Again, thank you to PSI Poland for sponsoring this trip. [...]

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JavaFX Real World Applications @ JavaFX Meetup Zurich

Alexander Casall and I will be presenting our JavaOne 2016 talk "JavaFX Real World Apps (Revisited)" at the JavaFX Meetup Zurich on February 7th 2017. For more information and to register for this event please visit the meetup page. The second iteration of this talk covers a total of 18 applications that have been developed by various development teams all over the world. If you had any question whether JavaFX could be used for this or that .... after this talk you will know.

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JavaFX Champions / Rockstars @ JavaFX Meetup Zurich

I am very happy to announce that Gerrit Grunwald and Hendrik Ebbers will be giving several presentations at our JavaFX Meetup in Zurich on December 13th. People interested in attending can register here. Agenda 1. Dynamic client / server applications with JavaFX and the Open Dolphin Platform (Hendrik, 20 minutes). 2. The dark and Light Sides of JavaFX (Gerrit, 45 minutes). 3. How we built the JavaOne Voting Machine (Hendrik, very entertaining, 20 minutes). Abstracts "The Dark and Light Sides of JavaFX".  More and more companies and individuals are using JavaFX. But where light is, there’s also shadow, and with [...]

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Wanted: JavaFX Tips and Tricks

At this year's JavaOne conference in San Francisco I will be presenting a session called "JavaFX Tips and Tricks". This talk will be based on the posts in my blog. However, I have a feeling that there are many more nice tips and tricks out there that should be mentioned in this presentation. So I am asking everybody to mail me their cool tricks and tips for inclusion. Let everybody benefit from your experiences! Anybody who sends input will of course be mentioned by name and their twitter handle and / or website will be listed as part of the slides.