I am very happy to announce that Gerrit Grunwald and Hendrik Ebbers will be giving several presentations at our JavaFX Meetup in Zurich on December 13th. People interested in attending can register here.


1. Dynamic client / server applications with JavaFX and the Open Dolphin Platform (Hendrik, 20 minutes).

2. The dark and Light Sides of JavaFX (Gerrit, 45 minutes).

3. How we built the JavaOne Voting Machine (Hendrik, very entertaining, 20 minutes).


“The Dark and Light Sides of JavaFX”. 

More and more companies and individuals are using JavaFX. But where light is, there’s also shadow, and with all the nice things JavaFX has to offer, there are also things you should be aware of. This talk covers Scene Graph, TableView, support of mobile and embedded, Canvas, custom controls, and more. The presentation tries to help developers make the right decisions when working with JavaFX.