The maintenance release 1.5 of FlexGanttFX has been released today. It contains several bug fixes and enhancements. The complete list can be found below. To download this version simply follow this link.

Release Notes – FlexGanttFX – Version Release 1.5.0


  • [FLEXFX-198] – Activity link is shown incorrectly when one of the activities is out of view
  • [FLEXFX-236] – Rendering of a link between adjacent activities
  • [FLEXFX-260] – Unable to load Gantt with the same dateline when it is already loaded. Like a refresh.
  • [FLEXFX-267] – Correct Visible Time in FlexGantt
  • [FLEXFX-271] – Marker lines stay visible when no rows in Gantt chart
  • [FLEXFX-272] – Vertical cursor line not visible on all gantts for multi container
  • [FLEXFX-273] – Vertical cursor not visible in multi Gantt chart container
  • [FLEXFX-274] – ChartLayout.toString() throws NPE
  • [FLEXFX-276] – Unused rows of tree table views have wrong height
  • [FLEXFX-283] – Exception thrown when mixing with Swing / Drag and Drop
  • [FLEXFX-285] – TimeTracker starts tracking when calling setDelay()
  • [FLEXFX-288] – Impossible to perform same activity editing operation twice without first moving the mouse
  • [FLEXFX-290] – Memory leak in ScaleLayer draw

New Feature

  • [FLEXFX-279] – Add toggle to disable automatic redrawing of activities after repository change events.


  • [FLEXFX-107] – Do not create link nodes if they will not be visible anyways
  • [FLEXFX-259] – InnerLinesLayer: support line dashes
  • [FLEXFX-280] – ActivityBase ID uses slow UUID identifier
  • [FLEXFX-281] – Support horizontal scrolling with mouse wheel
  • [FLEXFX-282] – Improve performance in model classes.
  • [FLEXFX-284] – Use “shortcut” modifier instead of hard-code CTRL key
  • [FLEXFX-286] – Vertical dragging of activities is very slow
  • [FLEXFX-287] – Bad rendering performance when dragging activities with DnD.