Yesterday (March 16th) I celebrated my 47th birthday. I am now packing a solid 20 years of work experience and a masters degree in computer science. Still I managed to screw up bad.

A potential customer of mine, who is currently evaluating FlexGanttFX for their application, contacted me and argued that the initial model creation takes too long. 22 seconds to be precise. I asked them to send me a standalone demo and when I ran it I could confirm that it takes a long time to create the model. After further investigation I realized that they were creating over 5 million objects (activities that will be placed on the timeline). All of these objects are then inserted into a balanced binary interval tree. When I saw that I basically told them to stop evaluating FlexGanttFX because it will not be able to handle these many objects and that object creation and the tree modifications do take their time. So the basic message I sent was “Go somewhere else. Fu.. off!”.

However, they also included a snapshot of the profiler they used and I could see that most of the time was spent inside the constructor o