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New kid on the blog: FormsFX

I am very happy to announce the immediate availability of FormsFX, a framework for (surprise!) creating forms in JavaFX. FormsFX is the result of a student project at the "Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz" (FHNW) in Switzerland. The project was initiated and sponsored by me. I believe that the result of this project is of high quality and that other projects should be able to benefit from it, hence I am contributing it as an open source project to the Java community today. The source code and documentation can be found on GitHub at this location: https://github.com/dlemmermann/formsfx A binary distribution (JAR file) can [...]

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JavaFX Tip 28: Pretty List View

When I look at the list views on my mobile phone I always notice that they display their scrollbar (normally a vertical one) very differently than JavaFX does. The same is true for applications running on MacOS X. Below you can see a snapshot of Apple's calendar app. You will notice that the scrollbar is actually on top of the content. In JavaFX the scrollbar would be placed to the right of the view. However on mobile devices in order to save space the scrollbar shows up on top of the content. So obviously I wanted to see how [...]

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JavaFX Tip 27: HiRes / Retina Icons

I recently had a lot of icons sent to me by a graphics / UX designer. It was my job to add them to a JavaFX application. Each icon was shipped in three sizes (16x16, 32x32, 64x64). The naming convention for them was like this: icon-name.png icon-name@2x.png icon-name@3x.png At first I thought that this was some kind of standard naming used by graphic designers for their files but in the end it turns out to be a convention that was initially introduced by Apple for their Retina displays and adapted by the JavaFX team. The idea is that JavaFX [...]

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JavaFX Tip 26: Go Dark – The “Darcula” Theme

I am a big fan of IntelliJ IDEA and use it every day for the various projects I work on. One thing I like a lot is the dark theme called "Darcula". I like it because it looks cool and because of the low contrast it is better for my eyes. When you stare at something for at least eight hours a day for decades (yes, I am that old) then you better make sure it goes easy on your eyes. This said I obviously also like to use dark themes for my own creations. The following snapshot shows [...]

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Invalid JavaFX Scroll Event Deltas?

BREAKING NEWS: this bug is now officially being tracked in the Java bug tracker. I noticed today that the delta values provided by the JavaFX ScrollEvent object seem to be invalid at the end of the scroll event cycle. The absolute value of those delta values becomes bigger again even though they should end up in values around zero. I ran my tests on a Mac with the Magic Mouse and the Magic Touchpad. The values getting bigger causes stuttering in the UI, for example a swipe scroll inside the ListView will cause the ListView to finish the scrolling [...]

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JavaFX Real-World Apps: Monastery Disentis

Finally the first "JavaFX Real World Apps" post that actually covers an "app" and not an "application", meaning the first JavaFX application in this series that was designed for mobile devices and not the desktop. The application is simply called "Monastery Disentis". It was developed by cnlab in Switzerland. It can be used by visitors of the monastery as a guide. Below you can see a couple of screenshots that were taken on an Android device. Video: a screencast of the application. What is cool about this application is that everybody can try it out be following the [...]

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Interview on jaxenter.de

I was interviewed by Hartmut Schlosser of jaxenter.de last week and this week the article was published (in German) on their website. You can find it here: https://jaxenter.de/javafx-java9-javascript-56083. The interview was embedded in the "JavaFX Sixpack" series that tries to evaluate the potential of JavaFX. Hartmut was kind enough to also include information on my two commercial JavaFX frameworks CalendarFX and FlexGanttFX.

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JavaOne Rockstar Award

I had already been informed a few weeks ago that I won one of the JavaOne Rockstar awards but today the award finally arrived. After planting a tree, building a house, marrying, having kids, and now this award there are probably not many achievements anymore waiting for me to unlock them. No wait .... mission accepted: Java Champion! :-)

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JavaFX Animation Tool

Ok, I guess it is time to let you in on a little secret. The last three months or so I worked on a private project with the goal to create a tool that would allow me to easily create animations for Java desktop applications. JavaFX contains fantastic support on the API level for doing animations but for beginners or even intermediate level programmers it is not trivial to leverage it. However, when I use Apple's Keynote for creating presentation slides, or when I see the animation / slider plugins for Wordpress I realize how easy it can be to do animations, so [...]

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JavaFX Tip 25: Use FXSampler!

The Problem As a framework developer it is essential to have an easy way to individually test the appearance of and the interaction with each custom control. I really hate it when I first have to open five different screens before I finally get to my new control so that I can test it. Not only is it annoying but it also costs too much time. When doing UI work you constantly make changes to your controls and look at the impact of those changes. If a single change roundtrip (code, launch, test) takes 5 minutes then you can only squeeze 12 change [...]

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