In the last post of the Missing Features Survey series I said that this post would be about missing features in CSS and FXML. Now it turns out that the survey submissions did not contain any valid FXML issues. So I will focus on CSS only.

These are the CSS features that were reported missing:

  • Full CSS support – some properties are simply missing in the current JavaFX CSS version, e.g. “fitToWidth” in ImageView. Also font inheritance is not working.
  • Support for CSS3.
  • CSS transitions – the ability to specify a transition right inside CSS. This would make it a whole lot easier to come up with nicely animated UIs.
  • CSS function hooks – just like in sass. The ability to define your own functions. Currently one can only use the built-in functions derive and ladder.

From the Oracle team I was told that all items could be done with support from the community and that they accept improvement requests and