The TableView (and TreeTableView) of JavaFX has won the prize for being the control that was mentioned the most in my recent “JavaFX Missing Features” survey and also in many follow-up discussions (including and especially the guys in our Zurich JavaFX Meetup group). I guess one of the reasons is the simple fact that almost every application needs a table view.

The two most requested features / improvements for the TableView were freezing rows / columns and better editing support.

Freezing Rows / Columns

  • Freeze / lock rows – the ability to have one or more rows to stay at the top or bottom of the table view. Often this feature is needed when trying to display the sum of the values in the columns.
  • Freeze / lock columns – the ability to have one or more columns stay on the left or right-hand side of the table view. Again, to show the sum of the values in the row or to display some kind of header for the row. In the case of my FlexGanttFX framew