One of the first things mentioned as a “missing feature” in the JavaFX “Missing Features Survey” was the ability to auto-resize columns in tables / tree tables. It is correct that there is no public API for it, but when you pay close attention then you will notice that there must be code for doing this somewhere inside JavaFX, because the user can auto-resize a column by double clicking on the divider line between the column and the next column to the right.

But like most people I felt that this was not good enough for my code. I wanted an API for FlexGanttFX that would allow the user to auto resize one or all columns inside the Gantt charts. So I searched for the code that was hidden somewhere in the tree table  or tree table skin (can’t actually remember where) and reused it with some minor modifications in my classes.

The following is the result of this work. It targets the TreeTableView and not the