I had a nice long talk today with the guys from Sandec (sandec.de). They were showing me their product called “Centralized Java (CJ)”. With this solution it is actually possible to run a JavaFX application in a browser (for now it works best with Chrome).

The website javafx-samples.com shows several demos that are using this technology. The demos include the JavaFX SceneBuilder, the game 2048, the JavaFX Ensemble demo suite. It is amazing how much of these applications is supported by CJ. There are still a few gaps but the folks at Sandec are planning to close them soon.


CalendarFX running inside Chrome

CJ hosts the application on the server and serializes the JavaFX scene graph. The graph is then sent to the browser and recreated by JavaScript. So you basically end up with a JavaScript rendering engine for JavaFX. Very cool!

CJ even supports a mode called “MultiView”. With this it is possible to share a session with several people, very similar to (for example) TeamViewer.

CJ is one step more for fulfilling the vision that the same code base can be used for any client.

Edit: I have uploaded a video to YouTube showing CalendarFX running in Chrome.