I am happy to announce the immediate availability of CalendarFX for JavaFX 8 (EA), a framework for creating professional calendar user interfaces for any type of application. The framework provides views for showing calendar entries for a given day, week, month, or year. Several sources (e.g. Google calendar) can be registered with each source consisting of several calendars. Each calendar consisting of hundreds or thousands of entries.

CalendarFX can be downloaded here. It ships with several demo applications. Please take them for a spin, try out the API, and let me know what you think. A framework such as this depends on its users to become more mature and reliable. If you see issues with the API or the feature set then please send me a mail and I will make the necessary changes.

UPDATE: I have consolidated all my websites and there no longer is a separate calendarfx.com domain. All information about CalendarFX can be found on this site / the site you are currently looking at 🙂