I have been working on Collapp on and off for some time now and made a lot of progress, but it is still not production quality. To change this I am now trying to find a sponsor for this project. I really need to get paid so that I can commit the necessary time to this project.

Collapp is a solution for collaborative project planning. Its goal is to have project leads and project team members all use the same tool. This way everybody is always informed about the current state of the project. Users can be members in several projects at the same time, they can also be regular team members in one project and team leads in other projects.

The ideal candidate would be a larger enterprise that wants to have their own custom solution for project planning, something tightly integrated into the rest of their processes (IT or business side). The current state of Collapp would give any company a great jumpstart, yet it is at such an early stage that it can be easily adjusted in order to meet any requirement imposed by a possible sponsor. Anyone interested? Feel free to contact me directly at dlemmermann@gmail.com

Some technical background: Collapp is a client / server solution utilizing the Glassfish application server (can be replaced by any JEE compliant app server). The client is a fat/rich client, which can run anywhere where Java can be run. Java 6, EJB 3.0. Deployment via Java Webstart or sta