collapp logoThis is a little status update on Collapp, formerly known as “Planner’s Workbench”. I figured that the name was simply too long, so I renamed it to something shorter and more catchy. Please feel free to leave a comment regarding the naming. I still consider it a working title and I am open for alternatives. Important is only that it is a one word name.

This post is an update because Collapp has been featured before on Ken Orr´s blog. Ken is the author of MacWidgets, a framework for creating Swing clients that look right on MacOS X. Collapp makes very heavy use of MacWidgets, as you can see in the snapshots below.

The initial plan was to release a first public beta of Collapp in the summer of 2009. But unfortunately license sales of my FlexGantt UI framework for Java/Swing declined and I had to start freelan