A task monitor popover

My JavaFX developer life currently has a strong focus on the popover control I wrote and contributed to the ControlsFX project. I now find use cases for it all over the place. The latest addition is a task monitor control for the JavaFX version of FlexGantt. The monitor lists the background tasks that are running to load the Gantt chart data for each row. Once again I was inspired by Apple. This time by the "downloads" popover of Safari, which looks like this. Please note the fancy gray divider lines :-)

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A Popup Editor for JavaFX 8 / Part 2

Just a quick follow-up on the popup editor, which has been renamed to "PopOver". The current plan is to release it with the ControlsFX release 8.0.3 in early December. Jonathan and Eugene made me work hard for the last couple of days and I think the improvements to the control were worth it. It is more generic / flexible than before and it looks more elegant (the code, too). The biggest change is probably the move away from always using an accordion control inside the PopOver and instead using a more generic approach where any node can be set [...]

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A Popup Editor for JavaFX 8

For the last couple of months I had the pleasure of working with JavaFX 8 in order to implement a sophisticated user interface for a planning and scheduling application. One of the features needed was a way to perform "in-place" editing, meaning a way to quickly edit some basic attributes of a user selected object. Following the principle "if you can't innovate, imitate" I took a look at how Apple is doing these kinds of things and surely enough iCal showed me everything I needed to know. iCal - The Role Model In iCal, when the user double clicks [...]

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