In 2015 Alexander Casall and I gave a presentation at JavaOne in San Francisco showcasing 11 applications that were built using JavaFX technology. This presentation includes videos of the applications and highlights the core elements used to build them. Please note that this is a very large download (> 300 MB).

JavaOne 2015: Real World JavaFX Apps (MacOS / Keynote)

This is an archive containing a Keynote version of the presentation.

JavaOne 2015: Real World JavaFX Apps (Windows / Powerpoint)

This is an archive containing a PowerPoint version of the presentation.

You can also read about them online. A series of articles was posted by Alexander Casall on in English and on in German. The English version was published as a single article, the German version as a 4-part series.

English: Single Article

German: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Alexander Casall also interviewed some of the developers of these applications:

“Thank you Dirk LemmermannJan GassenRob TerpilowskiSean PhillipsAngelica Leite,Denny Israel and Manuel Mauky for contributing information about their applications. Before we started talking about the applications, I asked the contributors some questions regarding JavaFX:

What do you consider to be the highlights of JavaFX after having used it? 

What is your general opinion about JavaFX?

JavaFX, Swing, SWT, HTML5 – Who wins – or better yet, when to use what?

How satisfied are you with the work of Oracle on JavaFX ?

What do you miss about working with JavaFX?”

Answers of: Dirk Lemmermann

Answers of: Jan Gassen

Answers of: Rob Terpilowski

Answers of: Sean Phillips