Three different commercial license types are available for purchase: Development License, Runtime License, and Source Code License. A development license is required after the free trial period of 60 days has passed. Runtime licenses are required as soon as an application gets deployed into production. There is no difference between in-house deployment or customer-site deployment. Registering a runtime license key with FlexGanttFX removes the nagging screen and the auto-exit after 30 minutes.

Development License The development license allows the development team to continue working with FlexGantt after the free trial period of 30 days. It also removes some of the technical restrictions and includes online support and quick problem resolutions. €499
Runtime License The runtime license allows the licensee to use FlexGantt for either a single off-the-shelve software or for a single customer-specific project. €6,500
Enterprise License An enterprise license grants the licensee the right to use FlexGantt for any number of applications and projects. The license includes the source code and development license. Call Us
Source Code License The source code license provides the licensee with the actual source code of FlexGantt. The licensee is free to modify the code in any way required. A source code license can only be purchased in combination with a runtime license. €10,000