I am a 20-year Java veteran with a masters degree in computer science. My primary focus has always been on UI development and design. Within the UI realm my work had a strong emphasize on tool development and scheduling applications.

Keywords: UI design and implementation. Tool Development. Production Planning and Scheduling Applications (PPS). Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). Java. JavaFX. Graphics.

The following is a list of companies I worked for in the past.

  • European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Geneva, Switzerland
  • Emirates Airlines, Dubai
  • EIZO, Karlsruhe, Germany
  • ProjektPro, Bavaria, Germany
  • Netcetera, Zurich, Switzerland
  • TATA Consulting / Singapore Airlines
  • SALT, Würzburg, Germany
  • Macrofocus, Zurich, Switzerland
  • S4M, Cologne, Germany
  • e-switch, Pfäffikon, Switzerland
  • Qnamic AG, Hägendorf, Switzerland
  • ProCentric, Winterthur, Switzerland