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  • NHS
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    It seems that the YearMonthview always use yellow to indicate if a day has an entry. Should it use Style like?

    Calendar workingHours = new Calendar(“Working hours”);

    How can the color be set ?

  • Dirk Lemmermann
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    The “usage” colors are defined inside calendar.css. If you want to use your own color concept then please start looking into supplying your own cell factory.

  • NHS
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    Can you give a tip on how to bind style for each day to any entry on the day having own cell factory

    yearMonthView.setCellFactory(new Callback<LocalDate, Node>() {
    public Node call(LocalDate param) {
    int dayOfMonth = param.getDayOfMonth();
    Label label = new Label(Integer.toString(dayOfMonth));

    // bind?
    return label;

  • NHS
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    I solved this by implementing a custom skin

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