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  • Brian
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    There is a small button in the upper right corner that pops up a selector for adjusting the horizon. I believe this is TimeGranularityTimelineControlPanel. In some cases, I would like to hide that button.
    I know I can find it by name and setEnabled(false), which works, but also leaves me with no icon.
    Is there a more elegant way to temporarily hide/remove that button?

  • Dirk Lemmermann
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    The control in the upper right corner is called “NavigationControlPanel”. It consists of many NavigationControls.


    Ideally you create your own instance of IComponentFactory (subclass DefaultComponentFactory) and override the createLayerContainerCorner() method. Inside this method always call super.createLayerContainerCorner(). When the corner is “UPPER_RIGHT” you can cast the returned component to NavigationControlPane and call the above method.



  • Brian
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    I’ll give that a shot now. I did look over the NavigationControlPanel code a bunch. But, I was focused on a call that would get me a singleton to use. I was afraid that creating another instance would cause problems with the UI rendering or listeners.

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