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  • Yugo
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    Is there any feature to export the entire Gantt to an Image file.
    I did take a look at the Java Node snapshot() method, but it exports only the visible piece of the Gantt.

    Would appreciate any help.


  • Dirk Lemmermann
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    No there is not. Only work-around I can think of is to create a second (offscreen) Gantt chart, request the entire used time span to be shown and create a snapshot of that. But this will only help you with the horizontal dimension. You should consider having a separate piece of code for a printable Gantt chart. FlexGanttFX is used only for display on screen. The predecessor framework FlexGantt for Swing had some printing support, but this was also never a perfect solution. The requirements for onscreen or printing are different and require different solutions.

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