Binary Distributions

The currently available production-ready binary releases of CalendarFX are listed below. The top-most entry is the newest distribution and should always be preferred. The license agreements can be found inside the distributions and also as separate downloads further below.

CalendarFX 1.3.2

This is the binary distribution of CalendarFX. It is feature-complete and only requires a valid license key (development or runtime license) after the trial period has ended. Please follow the instructions provided in the README files of the distribution.

CalendarFX 1.3.1

This release only contains performance improvements for the model classes Entry and Calendar.

CalendarFX 1.3.0

This release consists of several small bug fixes, one very important memory leak fix, and one important logic fix related to correctly displaying the first day of the week (Monday in Germany, Sunday in the US).

This version is now using the PopOver code base provided by ControlsFX. It used to have its own copy of the PopOver code as this project is the origin of this control.
CalendarFX 1.2.0

Fixed several small bugs but most importantly cleaned up some Maven dependencies. The distribution is much smaller now and really only contains what is absolutely needed. This release also eliminates the dependency to JODA time, which existed because of the inclusion of the Google recurrence API.

This version requires JavaFX 8u60+ and ControlsFX 8.40.10 (included in distribution, see “ext” folder).

License Agreements

The PDFs listed below contain the license agreements for the three license types “development”, “runtime”, “source code”.

Source Code License

This PDF contains the source code license text for CalendarFX.

Runtime License

This PDF contains the runtime license text for CalendarFX.

Development License

This PDF contains the development license text for CalendarFX.